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We market and make movies and TV shows that inspire, uplift and transform faith audiences.

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We’ve helped shape and promote some of the biggest and best films and television programming of the last two decades.

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We’re a diverse and experienced team dedicated to building a bridge connecting Hollywood with the faith community.

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We’ve been recognized by Time, CNN, The Wall Street Journal and Christianity Today for our influence and ingenuity.

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  • “When consultants like Grace Hill Media join forces with studios, solid dialog occurs and projects can come forward - ones that are embraced by a broader audience, often including a faith-based audience."

    Dennis Mansfield,Author
  • There’s a reason the major movie studios and TV networks work with Grace Hill Media time and time again: They deliver the audience.  No one knows more about reaching millions of people with your faith-based or inspirational media programming.  You’ve spent money, time, and anguish creating your project.  So why take a chance on anyone else?

    Phil Cooke -Filmmaker, Media Consultant & Author
  • One of Grace Hill’s most innovative techniques was to provide half a dozen clips from The Blind Side, along with sermon outlines, to 22,000 megachurches. Pastors were encouraged to, while showing a movie clip to their congregation, apply a ‘biblical connection’ and ‘life application’ contained in the Grace Hill promotional materials.

    The Daily Beast
  • One of (Mark Burnett’s and Roma Downey’s) consultants (on THE BIBLE) was Jonathan Bock, president of Grace Hill Media and Hollywood's go-to marketing executive for faith-infused projects.

    Los Angeles Times
  • Before Grace Hill, Hollywood executives rarely even attempted to reach out to evangelicals, let alone develop a real strategy for doing so.

  • When a movie with religious or spiritual themes is about to hit the marketplace, studios often tap Grace Hill to connect the film's message with its network of Christian media outlets or its highly valuable online community of ministry professionals.

    Advertising Age
  • Grace Hill Media -- the PR firm that serves as middleman between the entertainment industry and the Church -- built the bridge that didn't seem to exist before.

    ABC News
  • Bock woos the Christian press to meet with filmmakers, organizes screenings, and creates Bible study guides. All of which, analysts say, can sell $50 million in extra tickets and millions more copies of a DVD.

    Fast Company
  • Hollywood's go-to firm since 2000 for marketing to faith-based audiences.

    Tampa Bay Times
  • Several Christian films flourished this year as audiences flocked to the theater to see them. Behind the scenes of all this success was Grace Hill Media, a Christian media company that has worked for over a decade to promote positive, faith-encouraging films.